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All the dives are made in many different locations that are reached with our 10 meters long, polyester, comfortable, covered, fast boat Nautilos. We make entering and exiting the water as easy and comfortable as possible so that you have the best experience. 

Bring with you your curiosity, desire of exploration, love for wild life and beautiful and you'll not be disappointed!

From May to October we go for diving everyday. We start in the morning and about 15 o'clock we return. The dives are made in a safe, relaxed manner so everybody can enjoy the underwater beauty. In this interval, the certified divers are making 2 dives, followed by the surface interval, time in which we prepare the equipment for the second dive. Like this half of that day will be available for other holiday activities. If requested, it is possible to go for diving in the afternoon as well so you can choose what best suits you.

For those trained and willing to explore the underwater realm by night, we offer night dives.

15l and 12l tanks are available with different types of gas mixes (21%O2 to 40%O2) so you can choose what you prefer.

The dives are led by divemasters or instructors. We make safe dives and take much care of everybody coming with us.

All our dives are boat dives. in this way we have the freedom of exploring each time another dive site and choose what is best for our clients, taking in account the training level, the weather conditions or other concerns. More than this, from the shore the underwater landscape doesn't have much to offer, every diver must carry his/hers your own equipment - which is not always comfortable- and it is very shallow. With us your only concern is to dive.


Dive sites

San Antonio: close to Potos, one has the opportunity to dive in 4-5 different locations - wall, huge underwater rocks, small cavern full of fish and where soft corals can be found. The wall goes from 4-5m to 40m depth being in this way suitable for divers with different training certification levels.

Virgin Marry Island – about 4 miles far from Potos. We dive in 6 different places around the small island. It is believed that an ancient wood ship was sinking there so, if paying attention, pieces of old amphora can be spotted all around.

Kefalas – 20 min away from Potos. It is a place usually visited by bigger types of fish and octopus. The vertical wall, with beautiful vegetation and marine life, goes down to 24 m. Sometimes, helped by the mild currents we make nice, easy drift dives.

Pefkari rock – we keep this place usually for the second dive - the rock lies at approximately 14m on the sea bottom. May-Fish are often seen.

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